Our Heritage


Since 1934, when Joseph Gardiner founded the first Family Apothecary in Ireland, the Gardiner family have been creating skincare products which combine our expertise in traditional formulations with the latest dermatological advances.

For three generations we have drawn upon our dermatological skills to create and manufacture products at our cGMP facility which combine traditional formulations with licensed medicines, medical devices and biocide specialist skincare.

Ovelle’s experience in producing traditional apothecary products like our  Silcock’s BaseAqueous Cream and Emulsifying Ointment enabled us to exploit dermatological advances to create Elave Sensitive, which helps prevent flare-ups in sensitive as well as eczema, dermatitis and rosacea-prone skin.

 All our formulations are safety-tested to the highest international Pharma and ethical standards, and are independently certified. This is why they are trusted and recommended by pharmacists, as well as medical and healthcare professionals, for the treatment and management of chronic skin conditions and skin barrier protection.

Ovelle is proud of our strong links with healthcare and our record as a longstanding supplier to hospitals and aid agencies worldwide, including UNICEF, UNWRA and Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), of skin barrier protectants and disinfectants for displaced people and, especially, children.